06 Feb

Every child is an artist

I love sharing creative time with my kids.  It is fascinating to see what they produce and how.  And every time they come home from nursery or school with a new artwork, it brings such enjoyment.

Picasso once said “every child is an artist” and I think that is the charm.  Art produced by your own kids also comes with that something extra special – love, sentiment, and memories.  It represents a precious moment of their childhood captured in crayons.

But what do you do with all the beautiful artworks your children create?  There is only so much room on the fridge after all, and Granny and Grandad’s for that matter.  You don’t want to confine it to a storage box, or worse still throw it away.

You sneak enough of their scribbles into the recycling bin to want to add to the parental guilt.  And anyway, the little tiny fingerprint painting, the potato prints that look like flowers for Mother’s Day, the first drawing that looks like anything representing a human form; they’re all too precious not to keep.

Scrap books are a great idea, something you can dig into and enjoy every once in a while.  I wanted something we could all look at and admire every day though.  Something that wasn’t the fridge (although that is still covered!).

So I created an original artwork from my children’s artwork.  Starring them (well the paint versions of them) painting it.  The kids are so proud of seeing their pictures displayed in a ‘Mummy original’.  It is up in pride of place in our living room so we can enjoy it daily, and in the knowledge it will last long after they have grown up.

It was such a fun process, and something to treasure.  Here’s the result, copyright me, Oscar and Sophia!

Ella Hendy, Ella art, Banbury, Oxfordshire, artist, children, artEvery child is an artist, but not all mummy’s are, so do get in touch if you’d like to enquire about a similar painting for the little ones in your life.


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