22 Oct

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20 Oct

Ella arting DandyLion

It’s such a delight to be asked by Nikki at Dandy Development to paint her loveable DandyLion for an exclusive competition.  Dandy fans can win one of these two canvases which I will then personalise for their little one.  Find out details of how to enter over on my Facebook page.

DandyLion Ella art Dandy Development competition win

An Ella art version of DandyLion – acrylics on 8″ by 8″ chunky canvas

17 Oct

A unique gift

I’m busy getting ready for a Christmas fair next month.  Here’s a sneak preview of some of the colourful paintings I’ll have on my stall.  These are all acrylics on chunky 8″ by 8″ canvas and can be personalised of course.  At just £25 they make an original & very unique present.

Ella art  original canvas paintings for children

A colourful collection (acrylics on 8″ by 8″ chunky canvas – £25). What will you commission?

16 Oct

More mini monkeys!

The mini monkeys have been multiplying.  Here’s a collection in some lovely new colours, waiting to be personalised.

toy monkey baby gift

Ella art mini toy monkey on bookshelf – oils on 8″ by 8″ chunky canvas, £35

01 Oct

Ella art monkey gets mini-me

The Ella art monkey on bookshelf is my most popular design – particularly for new arrivals, Christenings and naming days.  I usually paint it in high quality oils on a chunky 12″ by 12 ” canvas with name / dates / special messages on the 4 books (£75).  For a smaller space or budget you can commission a cute mini 8″ by 8″ version which can be personalised on the 2 books (£35).  Or ask me about a different size – all my work is bespoke.

Ella art monkey on bookshelf mini monkey new baby arrival christening naming day personalised gift