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Ella Hendy, Ella art, Bunny, painting, sketch, artist, Banbury, Rachel Prew PhotographyThere’s an entry in my baby book, aged 2, that says “Ella loves painting”.  My Mum was right.  From getting a picture displayed on Tony Hart’s Hartbeat gallery, to appearing as a winning artist on Blue Peter, my passion to paint has always been there.

At sixth form college, where I studied Fine Art, my favourite place was in front of the easel in the art room.   At age nineteen I received an award from HRH Prince Charles as a prize-winning artist in the Young Artists’ Britain competition.  I have never been far from a paintbrush since.

Oil paints have long been my preferred medium but I also love working in acrylics and mixed media, creating artworks that are full of character.

Since becoming a parent, my work has very much been influenced by the little people in my life, and my paintings often include children or images of childhood.  I paint a lot for children too.

From beautiful portraits of children and toys, to bright, stylised, personalised pictures of animals, my paintings are designed to make you (or your little ones) smile.

I consider all commissions so if you like my style please do get in touch to chat through ideas.



“Go to Ella she is amazing!  I asked Ella to paint my old panda from her original picture called ‘Best Friends’ with a bunny.  She has captured him on canvas so well and I am over the moon with the end result.  When I showed my sister the picture she knew straight away that it was Panda.”

Ella Hendy, Ella art, panda, oil paints, original art, Banbury, artisit, commission, commissionable artist

Oil painting portrait of panda, restored to a time when he had more fur


e-mail: ella@ellaart.co.uk

tel: 07472 747355

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