Ella artist

Ella Hendy, Ella art, Bunny, painting, sketch, artist, Banbury, Rachel Prew PhotographyThere’s an entry in my baby book, aged 2, that says “Ella loves painting”.  My Mum was right.  From getting a picture displayed on Tony Hart’s Hartbeat gallery, to appearing as a winning artist on Blue Peter, my passion to paint has always been there.

At sixth form college, where I studied Fine Art, my favourite place was in front of the easel in the art room.   At age nineteen I received an award from HRH Prince Charles as a prize-winning artist in the Young Artists’ Britain competition.  I have never been far from a paintbrush since.

I work in a variety of different mediums, to create art with character and intrigue.

I’m fascinated by the idea of ripping wallpaper off to create a blank canvas of endless possibilities, or discovering something unexpected – a hidden message, picture, even a portal to another world. These are themes that are explored in my work.

I also work to commission and have worked on a variety of different projects including portraits, pet portraits, and illustrations.  Below is one example (more in my gallery of artworks).

If you like my style please do get in touch to chat through ideas – just like the customer below did, when he was looking for a special present for his mum.



Ella Hendy, Ella art, Banbury, Oxfordshire, art, artist, painting, portrait, commission“What do you get the woman who has everything?  Having seen some of Ella’s work, we particularly liked the portraits shown from a rear view.

On contacting Ella, she ran through what she required from us (size, photo to work from, situation of painting etc).  Once we had selected the photo, Ella talked us through the possibilities – here was where the artist was able to take the painting in a direction we could never have thought of both in terms of setting and composition.

The result?  Fantastic!  Ella has really captured the four children in the original photo – no mean feat for people she hasn’t met!

My mum was absolutely delighted with the painting – so much so that it has ‘usurped’ another painting hanging in their house in Spain!

A constant reminder of her four grandchildren – many thanks Ella!” – N Woodhouse